Boku no Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes:Rising

My Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes:Rising
Boku no Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes:Rising

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منبع داستان: Manga
  • Izuku Deku'' Midoriya and his fellow students in Class 1-A of UA High's hero course have been chosen to participate in a safety program on Nabu Island. To further improve their skills and gain experience in more ordinary heroics, the students aid the kind citizens with small services and everyday chores. With the low crime rate in the quiet community, all seems well and good, but the rise of a new villain threatens to put the students' courage to the test and challenge their capabilities as heroes. A merciless villain by the name of Nine is in search of a certain quirk needed to fulfill his diabolical plan—creating a society where only those with the strongest quirks reign supreme. As his attack on Nabu Island endangers the lives of the residents, securing the citizens becomes the first priority for Class 1-A; defeating Nine along with his wicked accomplices is also imperative. A straightforward strategy is formulated until a young boy named Katsuma Shimano, whom Deku had befriended, suddenly requires particular protection. Concerned for the boy's wellbeing, Deku and his classmates must now devise a plan to ensure Katsuma's safety at all costs. With Nine wreaking havoc to find the catalyst for his ill-intended schemes and the heroes desperate to defend Katsuma from harm, will Deku and his friends be able to come out victorious, or will they find themselves unable to escape a hopeless situation? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

  • دومین فیلم سینمایی انیمه Boku no Hero Academia:
    چی میشد اگر 80% جمعیت جهان قدرت‌های ماورایی به نام Quirks در سن چهار سالگی داشتند؟ قهرمانان و شروران همه جا به مبارزه می‌پرداختند! قهرمان شدن به معنی یادگیری قدرت‌ها میشد ولی کجا باید یاد می‌گرفتند؟ در دبیرستان U.A.! اما اگر یکی از آن 20% که قدرت Quirk را نداشتند می‌بودیم چی میشد؟ دانش آموز راهنمایی ایزوکو میدوریا بیشتر از هرچیزی می‌خواهد یک قهرمان شود ولی هیچ قدرتی ندارد. بدون ورود به دبیرستان U.A. او حس می کند زندگی‌اش به بن‌بست رسیده. سپس برخورد با All Might، قویترین قهرمان به او شانسی می‌دهد تا سرنوشتش را تغییر دهد...

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