Isekai Quartet 2

Isekai Quartet 2

سری انیمه

منبع داستان: Original
  • Despite completing all the tasks given to them, Ainz Ooal Gown, Tanya Degurechaff, Kazuma Satou, Subaru Natsuki, and the other members of Class 2 are surprised to find out that their role as students is far from over. With no means of returning home, the class of eccentric personalities is still mysteriously stuck in the unfamiliar world. Although, as they are becoming quite fond of each other, spending more time together does not sound that bad.With the unexpected arrival of new transfer students, the comedic antics of our beloved characters continue to grow. Thus, their bizarre yet nonchalant school life continues.[Written by MAL Rewrite]

  • فصل دوم انیمه Isekai Quartet:
    روزی یک کلید ظاهر شد. کسانی که این دکمه را فشار دادند به دنیایی دیگر منتقل شدند!! همچنین کارکتر‌های دیگری از دنیا‌های دیگر کنار هم جمع شده‌اند...!؟

تعداد قسمت: 12 رده سنی: 13+ لینک MyAnimeList نمره: 7.36
زمان: 11 دقیقه وضعیت: پایان یافته فصل پخش:
لینک های زیرنویس فارسی انیمه
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