Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi

سری انیمه

منبع داستان: Light novel
  • A sorcerer who was once the top student of the famous Tower of Fang, now spends his time chasing around his hopeless clients as a moneylender, at least until his client comes up with a plan to make money: marriage fraud. Unwillingly being dragged in to the plan, Orphen encounters a monster who has long been his goal since the day he left the Tower of Fang. Between those who seek to kill the monster and Orphen, giving everything to protect the monster, his lousy but peaceful days end. Trying to turn back his sister, Azalie, back to her true form leads to many more mysteries and the key to the secret to the world.

  • اورفن بزرگترین جادوگری هست که «تاور» به خودش دیده، ولی اون علاقه بیشتری به پیدا کردن بلادی آگوست که یک اژدهای مرموزه داره. به همراه شاگردش مجیک و دوستش شیلیو، با شمشیرش بالتاندرز تنها چیزی که می‌تونه بلادی آگوست رو آزاد که و جادو رو از بین ببره به ماموریتی میره.

تعداد قسمت: 13 رده سنی: +17 لینک MyAnimeList نمره: 6.78
زمان: 24 دقیقه وضعیت: پایان یافته فصل پخش:
لینک های زیرنویس فارسی انیمه
تمامی قسمت ها (01~13):  دانلود ترجمه از AnimWorld مترجم: Escanor Sama

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