Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito yo

Her Blue Sky, The Person Who Knows How Blue the Sky Is
Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito yo
منبع داستان: Original
  • High school student Aoi Aioi lives with her elder sister, Akane, after a tragic accident took their parents away 13 years ago. Because Akane has since been taking care of her single-handedly, Aoi wants to move to Tokyo after her graduation to relieve her sister's burden and pursue a musical career, inspired by Akane's ex-boyfriend Shinnosuke Shinno Kanamuro. Shinno was part of a band until he left for Tokyo to become a professional guitarist after the sisters' parents passed away, and he was never to be seen again. One afternoon, while Aoi practices her bass in a guest house, she gets startled by the 18-year-old version of Shinno from 13 years ago! As if by coincidence, the current 31-year-old Shinno also returns to the town, but he has changed drastically. There are now two Shinno's in existence, but why is the Shinno from the past present? Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito yo revolves around these four individuals as they confront their inner feelings toward each other and make decisions that will affect their lives from here on out. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

  • واقع در شهر چیچیبو مثل انیمه AnoHana. داستانش 2 خواهر آیویی، یعنی آکانه و آئویی رو دنبال میکنه که از 13 سال پیش که والدینشون فوت کردند، با هم زندگی میکنند. یک روز، دوست پسر سابق خواهر بزرگ‌تر، آکانه، یعنی شینوسکه کانمورو که الان 31 سالشه، به شهر سر میزنه که توی فستیوال اجرا کنه. در همون موقع، شینوسکه 18 ساله که شینو صدا میشه، از 13 سال پیش در زمان سفر میکنه. وقتی که آئویی کم‌کم عاشق شینوسکه 18 ساله میشه، آکانه و شینوسکه 31 ساله دوباره همدیگه رو میبینن و...

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