Watashi ga Motete Dou Sunda

Kiss Him, Not Me!
Watashi ga Motete Dou Sunda
منبع داستان: Manga
  • Kae Serinuma is a very kind second-year high school student and a devoted otaku. A little known fact about her, though, is that she's obsessed with BL, or Boy's Love. Serinuma can't help but to fantasize about her male classmates falling for each other and enjoys imagining them together. A more known fact about Serinuma, however, is that she’s noticeably overweight. While watching her favorite show one day, Serinuma witnesses the death of her most beloved character. Utterly depressed, she can't muster up the energy to eat her meals, let alone attend school. After an entire week, she finally recovers. But now there's something unusual about her—during the time she refused to leave her room, she ended up losing a large amount of weight and has somehow become strikingly beautiful! Now catching the eye of everyone who sees her, she finds herself at the center of attention of four boys she has always known at her school. Though they all wish to spend time with her, Serinuma would much rather they spend time falling in love with one another. How will Serinuma deal with the four boys pursuing her BL-obsessed self? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

  • Kae Serinuma یک دبیرستانی سال دومی است و علاقه زیادی به Yaoi دارد ! مرگ شخصیت مورد علاقه انیمه ایش استرس زیادی به او وارد می کند و مقدار زیادی وزن کم می کند. حالا چهار پسر فوق العاده جذاب در مدرسه به او پیشنهاد دوستی می دهند ولی او هیچ علاقه ای نشان نمی دهد و ترجیح می دهد آنها با هم سر قرار بروند !

رده سنی: 13 لینک MyAnimeList نمره: 7.29
زمان: 23 دقیقه وضعیت: پایان یافته فصل پخش:

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