Ani-DL needs your support more than ever!

As some of you may already know, Telegram has started removing our files due to copyright issues. Not Many shows have been affected as of now, but this is bound to keep happening until the channel is either empty or totally closed down.

There is only one solution to this problem for us: buying dedicated servers!
What does that mean? A few things…

🌀 First: Donations
Getting donations is how most websites operate these days. That said, we’re NOT asking for “large amounts of money” from “individuals.” If you have financial problems or have no way of donating, that’s fine, you can keep using Ani-DL without any donations. But if you can donate only $1, that’s the help we’re looking for here. Of course, if anyone can afford to pay a larger amount, that is also very much appreciated. Overall, if only a small percentage of our usual users donate a small amount, we’ll have more than enough to get things going.
🌀 Second: Better Everything
Currently, we’re using a personal computer and internet to download, encode, and upload anime. This forces us into an inflexible daily upload schedule. We’re unable to upload ongoing anime shortly after release, or finished anime shortly after your requests. We have to wait until midnight to download, spend a long time encoding, then either try making it on that same night or wait again until midnight to upload. But!… Having servers will change all of this. Servers have much faster download and upload speeds than our personal internet, stronger processors which will help reduce the encode time and increase the encode quality, and much more space to store files. As such, ongoing anime can be encoded right after they’re released. and requests for finished anime can be attended to much faster. Also while having servers, we can provide Direct Download Links, which will give you faster download speeds. Plus, there’ll be no worries of getting our files removed due to copyright. Overall, it’ll make for a better Ani-DL.

🌀 Lastly: The Website
If the donation is a success and we manage to get things going, we’ll be focusing more on our website. That said, we won’t be abandoning the Telegram channel, but a few things must be noted. First, other than the 720p quality that we’ve been doing so far, 480p will also be included on the website (and maybe even 1080p, if the donations are enough to buy better servers). But qualities other than 720p will NOT be uploaded on the Telegram channel. Second, anime that have some sort of problem (corrupt subtitles, audio, filenames, etc.) will be fixed after they are transferred to the servers, but the fixed version will NOT make it to the channel. Overall, the Backup Channel’s activity will not be reduced much but will also not be improved either.
Of course, we will work on the website and keep improving it for a better user experience, creating a full-on English version of it for our international users, and just make it a better place for getting your animu.

‼️ These are our current ways of getting donations, use the one that suits you better:

👉 Paypal:
👉 Bitcoin (BTC): 36awi2JWC2ZTaZ73HqsG17jBNVo1jYfPf2
👉 Ether (ETH): 0x3c5142e2ef7d0103d3bb189776f08eecaf352602
👉 Ripple (XRP): rGZV96HKpRbPCHbeYdtqE8Z5F74ULZ8o7E (tag: 6914)
👉 GooglePay (this is hard for us but acceptable):
P.S. Please do not start talks about creating a private channel and moving our files there to avoid getting banned. That’s just not happening. Thank you very much.


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